When to start taking your Back Pain seriously


When to start taking your Back Pain seriously

We have a tendency to dismiss back pain as pain caused by sleeping in the wrong position, sitting for too long, and walking around in heels, etc. For the most part, back pain is caused by bad daily practices, the lack of exercise, being overweight and bad posture. If your back pain is triggered by these conditions then it will likely get better in 2-6 weeks – but if it doesn’t, you’ll need to see a doctor.

As wide-spread as back pain is, it’s very rarely a big deal. In most cases, back pain is caused by unhealthy practices rather than severe medical complications. That being said, back pain should NOT be ignored; you should attend to it, even if it means just sitting with a backrest while at work.

You should be able to treat back pain by:

  • Fixing your posture:Good posture is needed to balance body evenly across the spine. Using a posture brace helps align the spine.
  • Exercise regularly:Regular exercise helps combat the inflammation of muscles that cause pain.
  • Strengthen your core:Our body weight is distributed between our spine and core. A weak core increases the pressure put onto the spine; a strong core provides support to the spine.
  • Massage therapy:Frequent massages can help relax tense muscles that are causing pain.

Generally, these methods should be able to treat your back but if the pain persists, consult a doctor for a physical examination.

A doctor will likely prescribe anti-inflammatory medication and ask you to start physiotherapy or refer you to an experienced chiropractor.


Treating your back with physiotherapy involves a combination of lumbar stabilization and core strengthening exercises. Physiotherapy sessions for back treatment should last just 2-30 minutes.



A chiropractor’s way of treating back pain will be very different from a physiotherapist’s. A physiotherapist relies on exercise and movement, while chiropractors focus on spinal manipulation commonly referred to as an “adjustment”.

If you find that physiotherapy and sessions with a chiropractor, still haven’t alleviated your pain, you should consult a surgeon. Back pain that lasts more than 12 months is serious and requires attention.

Make an appointment with a spinal surgeon to see what’s really going on. The spinal surgeon will ask you to under an imaging study to get a closer look at what’s happening inside the body. They will then tell you if a surgery is needed. It is very rare that a back pain problem calls for a major surgery, most cases can be handled with minimally-invasive laser surgeries.

Endoscopic Laser Surgery

Endoscopic Laser Surgery is a laser spine surgery that requires no recovery time or hospitalization. The procedure involves using a laser to remove inflamed tissue around the spine to alleviate pain.

If you live in Chicago and have been suffering from back pain for over 12 weeks, consider laser spine surgery. Call Laser Spine Center of Chicago at 708-966-8000 to book an appointment.

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