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  • Long-acting opioids may be unnecessary in study of total knee replacement

    In a new study, researchers have found that replacing long-acting with immediate-release opioids after total knee replacement surgery resulted in comparable pain management but less nausea-medication usage and less need for residential rehabilitation after hospital discharge.

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  • Researchers suggest changing gold standard of spine surgery from operative microscope to 3D exoscope

    Researchers and neurosurgeons at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) retrospectively compared the operative microscope to the 3D exoscope in a recent study published in World Neurosurgery and found better outcomes among both surgeons and patients when using the exoscope.

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  • Right side of neck pain causes and treatments

    There are various possible causes of pain on the right side of the neck, including joint degradation, injury, and stress. Treatment depends on the cause but can include pain relievers, physical therapy, and surgery in severe cases.

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  • Leading Causes of Sciatica and Sciatic Nerve Pain

    Sciatica is the name of the pain from when something—usually a herniated disc, but other causes are possible, too—compresses, irritates, or inflames the sciatic nerve or one of the nerve roots that eventually link up with the sciatic nerve. Translation: pain up and down your leg—you might feel it anywhere from your buttocks to your ankle.

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  • What can cause lower back pain?

    Lower back pain is very common. It usually develops due to overuse or a minor injury, but sometimes there may be no obvious cause. Lower back pain can also be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.

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