What Are The Common Causes Of A Slipped Disc?


What Are The Common Causes Of A Slipped Disc?

The spinal column consists of multiple bones, which are stacked on top of one another. The cervical spine consists of seven bones, the lumbar spine has five, and the thoracic spine consists of twelve. The sacrum and the coccyx are located at the base.

Every day activities like lifting, walking, and twisting can cause damage to the spine. The discs in your spine prevent this from happening by absorbing the shocks.

Discs In Your Spine

The discs in your spine consist of two parts. The outer layer of the disc is tough, absorbs the shocks whereas the inner layer is soft, and consists of fluids.

In case of an injury or a weak spine, the inner part of the disc protrudes. The slipped or herniated disc comes in contact with the nerve roots in the spine and leads to inflammation, which subsequently results in pain.

In some case, you might even feel numbness in your spine. You might have to undergo surgery in order to get rid of the pain.

Signs Of A Slipped Disc


Usually, cases of slipped discs are a lot more common in the lower back. Some of the signs that you might have a slipped disc include:

  • You feel numb or pain on one side of your body
  • You feel pain which spreads to other parts of your body which include the legs and arms
  • The pain in your lower back get worse every time you stand up or sit down
  • You feel weakness in your muscles for no reason

Cause Of Slipped Discs

The external part of the disc protects the body from shock and injury. Over time, as you grow older, the external part of the disc becomes weaker. Moreover, there is an increased likelihood that the internal part of the disc will tear through it.

This problem does not always occur because of old age. Certain movements like lifting heavy objects can also result in herniated disks. People, who have physically demanding jobs, are more likely to suffer from this problem.

Excess weight can also lead to herniated discs. The discs in these people’s spines are under a lot of strain because they need to support the additional weight.

The internal part of the spine consists of a fluid, which keeps your spine flexible and strong. As you grow older, the discs lose the fluid. As a result, the chances of the disc slipping increase.

This problem can be solved through surgery. However, most methods are invasive and not always effective. It is preferable that you instead opt for laser spine surgery. Get in touch with us. We offer this service in Chicago.

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