Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Tendon and Ligament Injuries are Effectively Treated By PRP

Many chronic tendon injuries are the result of repetitive motion, such as tennis elbow, jumper’s knee, chronic tendonitis and shoulder inflammation. These and many similar types of injury or chronic condition have often been treated with rest and basic medications, physical therapy, or even surgery.

Many patients come to us having tried several of these therapies or solutions with little outcome. The issue that some patients may have with traditional medical solutions, is that they only provide minimal or temporary relief. Conditions such as chronic achilles tendonitis, shoulder ligament injuries and other ligament injuries are often treated with physical therapy, and while it can be effective, it doesn’t always improve function or truly relieve the symptoms or pain.

The 3 main goals of using PRP for tendon injuries or ligament injuries are:

  • Reduce and minimize pain
  • Improve joint function
  • Repair damage to tendon tissue

One of the major advantages of using PRP for tendon and ligament conditions is that they are incredibly safe, especially since we are using your own blood to treat you. There are no major incisions, quick recovery time, and back to work within a couple of days in most cases. Also, in some cases, tendons and ligaments have regenerated some of the tissue as a result of the PRP treatments.

Patients with tendinosis, tendinopathy, or other chronic tendon injuries, may have tried treatments such as cortisone injections, but many people find that while there is temporary pain reduction, your symptoms may end up recurring or get worse, since tendons exposed to cortisone can weaken.

Anti-inflammatory medications have also been a choice for many patients dealing with chronic tendon and ligament conditions, often caused by repetitive motion or work-related activity. While pain may be reduced, stomach problems, blood pressure and heart problems are a frequent side effect of these types of medications. Minor surgeries intended to treat tendon damage carry more risks, and have longer recovery times.

Using PRP treatments for a variety of tendon and ligament injuries have shown to help regenerate tissue, reduce pain and other symptoms with minimal risk.

What’s My Next Step

Contact Laser Spine Center of Chicago. Our physicians will conduct a thorough evaluation, physical and medical history, and then can proscribe the best method of treatment for you.