How Are You Hurting Your Spine?


How Are You Hurting Your Spine?

The spine is the most important bone in your body. It is responsible for supporting majority of your body weight and helps you stay upright. The spine is also one of the strongest bones in your body however, that does not mean that it cannot sustain damaged.

Certain everyday activities can end up causing significant damage to your spine. Some of the everyday activities that might be hurting your spine include:

Carrying Heavy Bags


There are several people who prefer to carry heavy grocery bags on their way back home instead of opting for a cab. Usually they do so in order to save cash. However, what they do not realize is that this can adversely affect their spine.

When you are carrying heavy bags, you are applying pressure on your spine. Your spine needs to support additional weight. In case you have a weak spine, it can lead to slipping of the interconnecting discs. This can lead to a great deal of pain.

You can avoid this by investing in a trolley. Make sure that you do not carry the bags with you on your back while your knees are bent. You also need to make sure that you distribute the weight equally so that there is no excess weight on side of your body.

Changing Tire


Flat tires can be quite annoying especially when you are in a hurry. In case, you have a flat tire while you are on your way, make sure that you do not try to change the tire while standing.

Applying pressure on your spine while you are bending can damage your spine and cause pain. What you can do instead is sit on the ground while you change the tire. Make sure that your eyes are in level with the fender.

Tying Shoelaces


On surface, tying your shoelaces seems like a harmless activity however, it can too, adversely affect your spine. When you bend to tie your shoelaces, you put a great deal of strain on the spine. As a result, the nutritional elements in your spine escape.

This also flattens your spine. You know you have a flat spine when you experience pain in specific areas of your back. You can avoid this problem by sitting down to tie your shoes. You can also use a chair to pull your leg up and tie one shoelace at a time.

Brushing teeth

Any activity, which involves you standing still for some time can damage your spine. This is because there is a great deal of pressure on your spine to support itself.

Make sure you keep one hand on the wall while standing in order to distribute the weight and reduce the pressure on the spine.

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