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Your Biggest Stem Cell Therapy Questions: Answered!

Your Biggest Stem Cell Therapy Questions: Answered!

Your Biggest Stem Cell Therapy Questions: Answered!

In the past, there weren’t a whole lot of treatment methods available for treating back pain. In most cases, people had no choice but to undergo surgery. However, that in itself led to several problems.

For starters, surgeries can be painful. They’re invasive and there’s never any guarantee that the process will be a success.

However, with advances in technology, surgeries are no longer the only available method of treatment for back pain. Stem cell therapy is one such option.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are known for their ability to transform into different kinds of cells, tissue, or organ. They can regenerate over time. For example, the stem cells present in your bone marrow can develop into red and white blood cells.

What is the difference between Autologous and Allogeneic Stem Cells?

The basic difference between the two is that Autologous cells a derived from the same person. Allogeneic stem cells on the other hand, are donated.

Allogeneic cells are commonly used for treating patients suffering from degenerative diseases. Cells derived from Adipose fat tissue and bone marrow is used for boosting the immune system.

Where Do The Stem Cells Come From?

There are multiple sources of stem cells. There’re embryonic stem cells which are derived from early stage embryos.

However, there are certain problems with this method of treatment. For starters, these are primitive cells because of which they’ve a high risk of uncontrolled cell division. Then there are ethical concerns as well since the cells are derived from embryos.

Another source of stem cells is the blood from umbilical cord. It has been known for treating various diseases and disorders in the past.

However, the most commonly used source of stem cells is bone marrow. The process of extracting bone marrow from the body involves puncturing the hipbone near the iliac crest area.

You might think; what’s the difference between the stem cells extracted from bone marrow and umbilical cord?

The answer is that it’s easier to derive cells from umbilical cords. With bone marrow, that’s not always the case. In fact, in 70% of the cases, patients aren’t even able to find donors.

Stem Cell Banking

Another benefit of stem cells is that they can be stored for later use. There’re facilities which can store them for 21 years or even more!

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