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Stem Cell Therapy - A Safe Solution to Neck Pain

Stem Cell Therapy - A Safe Solution to Neck Pain

Neck pain or pain in the cervical spine is one of the most common spinal conditions worldwide. According to research, nearly 10% of adults suffer from neck stiffness, and 50% of the x-rays of people above the age of 50, show symptoms of osteoarthritis. Furthermore, nearly 50% of men and 60% women in their mid-50s and 60s show issues in the cervical spine discs. With all these statistics, it goes without saying that an effective treatment for neck pain is the need of the time.

While neck pain is very common, it can negatively impact the quality of a person’s life every day. Neck pain can limit a person’s mobility, restrict daily activities, and make a normal chore seem like a tedious task.

Until now, medicinal science has been treating neck pain with physical therapies, hot and cold therapies, medications and surgeries. However, all these options cannot be effective in every case.

Stem cell therapy is a new and relatively far more effective treatment for neck pain. Let’s dive deeper into what are these cells and how they work.

Understanding Stem Cells

Stem cells are the master cells rebuild themselves into new and healed tissues and ligaments. When these cells are injected in an affected area, they look out for any damaged bodily structures and repair them.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works for Neck Pain

The symptoms and causes of pain in the cervical spine are extremely wide-ranging. Traditional treatments for neck pain only consider a few apparent symptoms for treatment rather than getting to the root cause. This results in ineffective, temporary, and failed treatments.

On the other hand, stem cell treatment gets to the root cause of the problem and treats the problem for a lifetime. Here’s how doctors do it.

Surgeons gather stem cells from the body, through the fatty tissues, blood cells or bone marrow. These cells are then combined under great care and injected into the affected area of the spine that needs to be treated. The surgeon may recommend one or more than one injections, based on the severity of the pain and condition.

Seek Professional Assistance!

Keep in mind that stem cell treatment is still new, and some physicians may still lack the proper knowledge to utilize it. So, make sure you go to a doctor who has the experience to help your problem.

If you are thinking of opting for stem cell therapy for pain in Chicago, get in touch with Laser Spine Center of Chicago. In addition to stem cell therapy, we also offer other methods of treatment, including PRP treatment in Chicago.

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