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Living with Chronic Pain — Self-Care Solutions to Help You Deal with Neck and Back Pain

Living with Chronic Pain — Self-Care Solutions to Help You Deal with Neck and Back Pain

Frustration and anxiety are two words that come to mind when we talk about chronic pain. Managing your daily routines, work and personal life gets more difficult with chronic pain.

According to research, nearly 80 percent of the population experiences back pain at least once in their lives. Another research suggests that most of these causes of back pain are non-organic, i.e., they’re not caused due to any spinal or medical conditions.

While acute pain may subside over time, some patients continue to go through chronic pain, which may reduce their quality of life in the longer run. Self-care, therefore, becomes a priority for people with chronic musculoskeletal pain; neck and lower back pains are the more common conditions.

Following are a few self-care solutions that can help you deal with this painful medical condition:

Activity Management

Forcing your body to do more without taking care of the load it can bear will eventually result in inactivity. Additionally, not doing anything due to the fear of more pain will lead to frustration. So, try to maintain your activity levels between doing nothing and doing more.

Analyzing the Cause of Pain

Analyzing the factors that aggravate your pain is very important in order to avoid them in the first place. Think back to the activity you were last doing when the pain began to trigger or the posture you were sitting in and try to avoid it.

Prioritize Your To-Do List

It’s important to complete your top-priority daily tasks first, as incompletion may add to your stress and anxiety.

Pace up Yourself Gradually

It’s important to ensure you don’t exhaust yourself, and take things in stride so as to not burn yourself out—physically or mentally.

Stress Management

Emotions are directly linked with the pain we experience via neurological connections. According to research, people with chronic pain tend to have higher levels of anxiety than their counterparts.

Chronic pain leads to frustration and frustration results in stress, which can ultimately worsen your pain. Not only does it aggravate the pain, but stress can also make you moody, short-tempered, and anxious. There are several ways of coping with stress such as meditation, yoga, talking to other people, consultation and therapy, breathing exercises, and pacing techniques.

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