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  • Recovering From Laser Spine Surgery: 5 Things You Should Know

    Heard about laser spine surgery? It’s a minimally invasive procedure in which the surgeon cuts a small incision in your back. They use a tool to find their way through to the area in which you are feeling pain.

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  • Understanding how back pain affects emotions

    Understanding how back pain affects emotions. Even after you adopt a healthy diet and exercise regularly, every now and then, back pain will creep up on you. Regardless of how well-conditioned your body is, you’ll always face a lower back problem at some point or another. In most cases, the back problems are a minor inconvenience that pops up every once in a while but for others, it’s a debilitating condition that just won’t go away!

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  • When to start taking your Back Pain seriously

    A chiropractor’s way of treating back pain will be very different from a physiotherapist’s. A physiotherapist relies on exercise and movement, while chiropractors focus on spinal manipulation commonly referred to as an “adjustment”.

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  • The relationship between Back Pain & Depression

    Those who suffer from back pain consistently are often diagnosed with depression. Intense back pain can prevent people from sleeping, eating and engaging in activities that they love – all of which only adds to the daily stress people feel in their everyday lives.

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  • The Connection between Back Pain and Aging

    It’s natural for our bones and joints to deteriorate with the time which causes inflammation and stiffness. There’s this misconception that with aging comes back pain. Although back pain is very prominent amongst the elderly, it’s not inevitable. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle earlier on, you live through your senior years with little to no issues with your back!

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