4 Causes of Back Pain


4 Causes of Back Pain

4 out of every 5 adults have experienced back pain at some point. This problem is a common factor for people missing on work days. But what are the causes behind this condition?

Let’s take a look at 4 of the most common causes of back pain.

Sprain / Strain

While the pain from muscle strain or ligament sprain isn’t as lasting as some of the conditions which result in chronic pain, it can still be quite severe. These injuries can either develop over time or due to a single unexpected movement. These occur when a person:

  • Continuously lifts heavy objects or twists their spine;
  • Experiences a sudden movement that puts pressure on the spine—sports injuries or vehicle accidents are common culprits here;
  • Maintains bad posture for an extended period


This disease which also goes by the name degenerative joint disease, results in the cartilage that cushions the connection point between bones to wear out. Osteoarthritis of the spine affects the joints and discs in the neck and lower back.

This arthritis of the spine usually only occurs in adults near the age of 50, and even then mostly people engaged in jobs or activities that put strain on specific joints are affected. In younger people, it can only be brought on as a consequence of a joint injury or genetic defects.

Damaged Discs

The discs between vertebrae in the spine are responsible for absorbing any shock experienced by the body, allowing for a considerable degree of movement range in the spine and providing support to the upper body. A herniated disc (similar to a slipped or ruptured disc) causes immense pain as the disc pushes against the nerves near the spine.

In most cases, the symptoms of the disease abate over time, but medical intervention may be required in serious cases, so it’s best to be proactive and get a proper diagnosis.

Spinal Stenosis

This is the collective term for a number of conditions that all are caused by reduction in the spine space. Because of this reduction, the nerves in the spine are put under pressure, causing pain to develop. As the leading spine center in Chicago we are familiar with spinal stenosis and in depth information on the topic can be found here.


Back pain is a common affliction, with people suffering from it around the world. But they don’t have to. Modern medical advances have made back treatment options more accessible than ever before.

At Laser Spine Center of Chicago, we provide minimally invasive treatment options than can take care of back pain, no matter the underlying cause. Get in touch with us at 708-966-8000 and be well on your way to a life free from back pain!

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