Understanding how back pain affects emotions


Understanding how back pain affects emotions

Even after you adopt a healthy diet and exercise regularly, every now and then, back pain will creep up on you. Regardless of how well-conditioned your body is, you’ll always face  a lower back problem at some point or another.

In most cases, the back problems are a minor inconvenience that pops up every once in a while but for others, it’s a debilitating condition that just won’t go away!

Chronic Back Pain and Emotions

Chronic back pain may start off as a small nuisance but if it stays for more than 6 weeks, it can take over your life completely. It will impact your performance at work, it will prevent you from engaging I physical activities and worst of all, it will take a toll on your emotional health.

The way you respond to chronic back pain will decide whether your emotional wellbeing triumphs over the pain or succumbs to it.

The Connection between Pain and Emotion


Lower back pain has proven to have an adverse effect on our mood, mainly because it interferes with other aspects of our life such as sleep, the ability to concentrate on tasks, and other daily activities.

Those who suffer from chronic back pain have difficulty in focusing on the task at hand. Back pain has also shown to affect appetite which further disrupts the balance of hormones.

It’s no wonder that people with chronic back pain fall into depression and experience intense feelings of anxiety.

Treating Back Pain and Emotional Pain

According to the Mayo Clinic, 75% of people with chronic back pain will develop feelings of depression. In order to reverse the damage caused by back pain, people need to fight the physical and emotional pain simultaneously.

Regular exercise helps to rebalance hormones and releases endorphins into the body that combat the fatigue caused by back pain.

An exercise program devised by an experienced physiotherapist will treat the back pain and improve emotional well-being.

In case physiotherapy fails, you may have to go a different route. Look into minimally-invasive, laser spine surgery.

Endoscopic Laser Surgery

Endoscopic Laser Surgery is a minimally-invasive, laser spine surgery that involved inserting an endoscopic camera into the body through small incisions. The camera shows areas with inflamed tissue surrounding the spine. A laser is then used to remove any tissue that may be causing back pain.

If you live in Chicago and think you can benefit from laser spine surgery, call Laser Spine Center of Chicago at 708-966-8000 to book an appointment.

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