The relationship between Back Pain & Depression


The relationship between Back Pain & Depression

Those who suffer from back pain consistently are often diagnosed with depression. Intense back pain can prevent people from sleeping, eating and engaging in activities that they love – all of which only adds to the daily stress people feel in their everyday lives.

Naturally, the inconvenience caused by back pain eventually begins to take a toll on your emotional health. Even the medication given to people with back pain can lead to depression.

Depression can cause back pain

Just as back pain can lead to depression, depression can also cause back pain. Chronic back pain is considered one of the more subtle signs of depression.

Release of cortisol

When we’re constantly in a low mood, the body releases cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. Cortisol causes inflammation in various areas of the body and even causes chronic pain.

Compromised immune system

Some studies have found that the depression heightens pain and inflammation by using cytokines. Cytokines are a type of protein that inhibits the immune system’s ability to fight infections and diseases. With a compromised immune system, people are more likely to become ill.


People with depression don’t engage in activities for two reasons; either their low mood or the fact they always feel exhausted. A depressed state is unnatural to us. It causes an imbalance in the body’s hormones which feel fatigued – all the time. This lack of energy and enthusiasm prevents people from partaking in physical activities that can help them strengthen their bones and muscles.

If you didn’t have a sore back previously, you’re much more susceptible to it in a state of depression.

Reversing the Damage to your spine


If you’re suffering from depression and back pain simultaneously, consider visiting your family doctor so they can perform a physical examination to determine whether your back pain is entirely related to depression or its due to spinal conditions.

Depending on the physical examination, your doctor may order physical therapy or refer you to a chiropractor. If the pain persists then you should visit a spinal surgeon.

Unless there is a serious issue with your spine and its surrounding nerves, you can opt for a more minimally-invasive procedure.

Laser spine surgery has shown to alleviate back pain significantly. The procedure involves making tiny incisions in your back to insert an endoscope which is they use to spot areas surrounding your spine that can cause back pain. A laser is then used to remove inflamed tissue from these problem spots.

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