Spinal Disc Pain: Causes And Treatment


Spinal Disc Pain: Causes And Treatment

Spinal discs refer to rubber like pads that are located right between the vertebrae. These discs are circular in shape and flat. They consist of a thicker outer layer along with the nucleus pulposus (the elastic core).

Ligaments, which hold the bones in the spine in place, also hold the discs in between the vertebrae. There is very little space available for the discs to move in any direction. The discs serve as shock absorbers and protect the spine from any kind of damage.

However, as you grow older the discs become prone to injury. A great deal of confusion exists around disc injuries and pain. Here is a look at some of the reasons you might have pain in your back:

Common Problems With The Disc

Two of the most common types of problem with discs include:


A Herniated Disc

Radicular pain refers to the pain that travels across your spine through the nerves. This problem occurs because of the leakage of the fluid that is present in the disc. The slipped out part of the disc touches the nerve roots and cause inflammation in the spine.

People suffering from this condition feel weakness, tingling, and numbness. The pain travels along with the nerve, which can lead to pain in other parts of the body as well.

For example, if the disc is herniated in the lower back it leads to sciatic pain. This pain extends to the back of your leg.

Degenerative Disc Disease

As you grow older, the discs in your spine start losing fluids. As a result, they become less flexible and their ability absorb shocks also reduces. The size of the internal part of the disc also reduces.

As a result, there is a greater chance of developing tears in the external part of the spine. These tears can lead to pain.

What To Do In Case Of Problems With The Disc?

It is not always necessary that problems with the disc result in pain. Sometimes it takes a long time before problems with your spine become apparent.

In addition to that, there are several reasons one might be feeling pain in their back because of which it is important that doctors refer to the patient’s medical history before treating them.

One method of treatment that people can opt for is laser spine surgery. This is a minimally invasive method of treatment. It involves the use of a small camera and laser to alleviate the pain that a person might be feeling in their back.

Studies have also suggested that this method of treatment is a lot more effective than invasive methods of surgery. People thinking of opting for this method of treatment can get in touch with us. We offer a wide range of treatments to people facing problems with their spines.

Some of our services include:

  • Endoscopic spine surgery
  • PRP treatment.

You can contact us at 708-966-8000 or visit our website for further information.

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